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Visual Studio
VS 2005+

Visual Studio 2005 Default Project Folder

New Visual Studio 2005 projects can be created and saved immediately or the saving can be delayed depending upon the configuration. In each case, when the project is saved, Visual Studio offers a default folder. This location can be changed if required.

Visual Studio Configuration

The default project location is changed using the Visual Studio 2005 options dialog box. To view the options, open the Tools menu and select Options from the list.

Projects and Solutions Options

With the dialog box visible, expand the Projects and Solutions option in the tree structure at the left of the window. Select the General options; the dialog box will appear similar to that pictured below.

You can now change the default folder for new projects using the Visual Studio projects location text box. If you are unsure of the exact path, click the Ellipsis button (...) and browse for the path in the file system.

Once the path has been entered or selected, click the OK button. All new projects will now use the named folder by default. However, this can still be overridden manually for each project as required.

Visual Studio 2005 Projects and Solutions Options

13 June 2008