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Visual Studio
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Visual Studio 2008 Transparent Intellisense

The Intellisense system within Visual Studio can be invaluable when working with classes and methods that you seldom use. However, sometimes the pop-up list can obscure your code. In Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft removed this problem.

Intellisense Transparency

The default options for Visual Studio 2008 cause Intellisense pop-up lists to appear whilst typing. This can make it much easier to reference class members and other named items without the risk of typing errors or spelling mistakes. However, sometimes the Intellisense window appears in front of code that you wish to refer to, hiding it.

In previous versions of Visual Studio, you would need to close the pop-up list in order to view the hidden code and then open it again to select the correct item. In Visual Studio 2008, a new feature was introduced to prevent this problem. When Intellisense obscures code that you need to review, simply hold down the Ctrl key. The Intellisense window will become semi-transparent to allow you to see the concealed code, as pictured below:

Visual Studio 2008 Transparent Intellisense

23 November 2008