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Visual Studio
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Visual Studio Insert Blank Lines

The layout of code and the whitespace that surrounds it can improve its readability and maintainability. This whitespace includes entirely blank lines, which can be inserted into code quickly using this simple tip.

Insert Blank Lines

It is important to use whitespace appropriately to improve the readability of your code. Code without whitespace is difficult to read, whilst code with poor whitespace can be misleading, particularly bad indentation placed near structures such as if-statements and loops.

One type of whitespace is the blank line, usually added by pressing the Enter key. Visual Studio provides two extra shortcut keys for inserting blank lines. Pressing Ctrl-Enter inserts a line above the current position. Unlike when pressing Enter, if the text cursor is in the middle of the text, the current line is not broken into two. If you press Ctrl-Shift-Enter, a blank line is inserted below the current line.

19 December 2010