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Visual Studio
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Visual Studio 2010 Navigate To

Visual Studio 2010 includes several enhanced means for navigating code. The 'Navigate to' command allows types, such as classes and structs, and their members to be quickly located using an incremental search of an entire solution.

Navigate To Command

The Navigate To command is a feature introduced in Visual Studio 2010. It allows an entire solution to be quickly searched to find files, classes, structures and members. The feature is used via the Navigate To dialog box, which can be displayed by selecting "Navigate To" from the Edit menu or by pressing the Ctrl and comma keys (Ctrl-,). The dialog box looks similar to that shown below:

Visual Studio 2010 Navigate To Dialog Box

Once displayed, an incremental search can be performed by typing into the Search terms text box. As characters are typed, the search results are updated. You can type the name of a file, class, struct or member to find that item. You can also input part of a name to find all of the items that contain the entered text. As with the improved Visual Studio 2010 Intellisense, you can also take advantage of Pascal case and camel case names by entering the initial and capital letters of such terms. For example, a class named "NumberToWords" could be found by entering "NTW".

19 April 2010