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Windows Presentation Foundation
.NET 4.0+

WPF Base Classes - ButtonBase

The sixty-fourth part of the Windows Presentation Foundation Fundamentals tutorial describes the base class of Button and RepeatButton. ButtonBase provides the shared functionality for these button controls.


In previous articles we've seen the two WPF button controls, Button and RepeatButton. These controls allow the user to perform an action, such as submitting a form or saving entered data. The two controls behave in a similar manner, with the key difference being that the RepeatButton constantly raises Click events whilst the mouse button is pressed, whereas the Button control raises only one event per click.

Button and RepeatButton can be used in much the same way because they inherit much of their functionality from the ButtonBase class, and its superclasses. The shared members include the Click event and the ClickMode property that was described earlier.

As these members have been described earlier, I won't repeat the information in this article.

21 May 2014