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Visual Studio
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Exporting Visual Studio 2010 Pinned DataTips

Visual Studio 2010 allows DataTips to be pinned to the source code to allow the current values in objects to be inspected easily. A set of pinned DataTips may be exported to an XML file, which may be imported at a later time or by another developer.

Pinned DataTips

In an earlier article I described how you can pin DataTips to your source code in Visual Studio 2010, allowing you to monitor multiple variable values concurrently within the code whilst debugging without hovering the mouse over the variable name. Whilst debugging you may wish to have several groups of DataTips that you show or hide as necessary. This can be achieved by exporting each collection of pinned DataTips to an XML file and importing those files as required. You can also import the DataTips on other computers, allowing you to share DataTips with another developer when collaborating.

Exporting DataTips

To export all of the DataTips within a solution, open the Debug menu and choose "Export DataTips". A standard file dialog box will be displayed to allow you to specify a name and location for the generated XML file.

Importing DataTips

To import a set of DataTips, select the "Import DataTips" option from the Debug menu. Use the standard dialog box to locate the XML file that you wish to import. After importing, the DataTips will be recreated but will have lost the value from the last execution of the program.

NB: A known bug in the initial release of Visual Studio 2010 can cause the integrated development environment to crash when importing a DataTip that already exists. To be safe, you should save your work before importing tips.

21 April 2011