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Windows Presentation Foundation
.NET 4.0+

WPF Base Classes - MultiSelector

The one hundred and eighteenth part of the Windows Presentation Foundation Fundamentals tutorial looks at the base class for the DataGrid control. The MultiSelector class provides members that are common to controls where more than one item can be selected.


MultiSelector is the base class for the DataGrid control. It inherits from the Selector class, which is a primitive that provides selection capabilities for a control, permitting a single selection. As the name suggests, MultiSelector adds the ability for the user to select more than one item from a collection.

We've seen the key functionality of the MultiSelector class in the DataGrid selection article. The class provides methods such as SelectAll and UnselectAll, to quickly select or deselect all of the items in a control. It also includes the SelectedItems property, which allows you to identify all of the objects that are currently selected.

As we've seen the functionality of this class before, and as WPF has no other built-in controls that subclass MultiSelector, this article is included for completeness only.

6 December 2014