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Visual Studio
VS 2003+

Visual Studio Full Screen Mode

If you want the maximum available working area, Visual Studio provides the full screen mode. This special mode removes most of the unnecessary toolbox windows and expands the working space to fill the screen. This mode is ideal for use in presentations.

Full Screen Mode

Visual Studio's full screen mode is excellent for providing the maximum working area possible. When entering full screen mode for the first time, most of the toolbars and toolbox windows are removed from the screen. These can then be redisplayed individually as required, or left hidden until returning to the normal view.

The full screen view can be combined with the MDI layout option to provide the maximum possible area for editing multiple code and design items concurrently.

To switch to full screen mode, simply select "Full Screen" from the View menu.

Exiting Full Screen Mode

When in full screen mode, a new toolbar is displayed. This contains a single toolbar button that can be clicked to return to normal working. Selecting "Full Screen" from the View menu has the same effect. Any changes that have been made to the screen layout, such as the displaying and hiding of toolbox windows, are reverted to their previous settings. However, the changes are remembered when returning to full screen mode at a later time.

29 April 2008